Jack Self-locking Manual 10m Wire Rope 1600lbs Winch Hand Tool for Boat and Vehicle Portable Windlass

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Hand winch is a kind of portable hardware safety tool, used for horizontal traction and lifting, especially for the traction of boat and vehicle in snow, swamp, desert, beach, muddy mountain road and other harsh environment.

  • Model: 600lbs/800lbs/100lbs/1200lbs/1600lbs/2000lbs/2500lbs/3000lbs
  • Wire rope Length: Customized
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    Product Introduction

    Boat Manual Hand Winch With Wire Rope can be in the snow, swamp, desert, beach and harsh environments, such as muddy road on the vehicle itself, to remove obstacles, drag and drop items, installation facilities such as homework, also can be used as a modern electronic control automatic production line equipment, oil, hydrology, environmental protection, forestry, transportation, public security, frontier defense, fire control and other outdoor sports indispensable safety devices. Also applicable to household, shipping, storage operation or other Industry and agriculture.
    Model as below: 600lbs/800lbs/100lbs/1200lbs/1600lbs/2000lbs/2500lbs/3000lbs

    * Hand winch can be in the snow, swamp, desert, beach and harsh environments
    * Compact structure, small size, light weight, large lifting weight.
    * High universality and convenient transfer.
    * Light and dexterous, safe and firm use.
    * Easy to carry, can be connected from any direction of the car.


    Models and Parameters

    Mini Electric Wire Rope Pulling Winch--Lifting and uploading of heavy objects in warehouse, dock, hanging baskets and small space is not subject to space restrictions.




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